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VMC Standard Case Review, single

Need a case review? Look no further than VMC's Standard Case Review. With VMC, you can confidently hand over your companion animal's case to one of our highly trained, independent vets who specialize in a range of areas from equines to cancer and everything in between. This base plan cost is for one review and a resulting opinion letter with several doctors included in this price; however there may be an additional fee based on which doctor you choose. With our non-profit partner, Joey’s Legacy, we are able to offer a full review of your case starting at what the hourly rate from our competitors generally is in the open market; drastically less than the $3,000 retainer others may ask to proceed with a case. If no malpractice or negligence are found, a second vet will review your case at no extra cost to you. This 2nd veterinarian looks over the opinion letter and records to draw their own conclusions to make sure nothing is missed. This is a NOT a full 2nd opinion letter but a FREE 2nd viewpoint. Please read all the disclaimers included in our full product description below before placing your order. Doing so will help you make an informed decision when making a purchase.

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