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Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this form. I promise to make it quick and easy for you, but the information you provide is really important as it will be used to create your online profile at VMC. Don’t worry though, I won’t use anything that directly identifies you in any way. Our team has never had any problems before, but I just want to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to prevent any unwanted attention for you. Please let Scott or me know as soon as possible if you are ever bothered in any way.

I’ll be in touch with each of you separately to talk about your individual bios and photos. This form will cover everything else related to how you will be presented on our website. I know that I may have some of this information already, but it’s important to me that I’m able to present you as accurately as possible. After all, you know yourself better than anyone else!

If you haven’t already, please check out the mock-up of how the page will look for potential customers. Each doctor will have their own information box and there will be more explanation of what each area in this form means in that box. You can view it here: Thanks again for your help!


Hey! Thanks a ton for helping us get you case reviews. If there’s anything at all you need, don’t hesitate to reach out. And don’t worry – I’ll be getting in touch with you soon about your photo and brief bio, if I haven’t already. Thank you so much for making our mission come to fruition. You are making a difference. Have a great day!

Hi again. I want to make things as easy as possible for you. If you need to, feel free to upload any files here or send them my way via email at These options are completely optional as not everyone will need to use these.

Ready to add a picture to your online profile? You can upload options here. I will only use one but options are always good to have. It’s important to remember to keep it casual and engaging, making it easier for people who may have had negative experiences with other doctors to feel comfortable. Don’t worry about looking perfect – we’re definitely not looking for posed professional studio images! I do recommend using a photo that’s not already online to help prevent people from identifying you. If you don’t want to show your face fully, consider something clever with angles and a cute pet partially blocking your face or something from behind with the animal as the feature of the image.  Feel free to reach out for suggestions. Sorry I’m a photography/photo shoot art director in real life so I can’t help myself. But I feel strongly that images can make all the difference in selling a product (you just happen to be the product), so worth the effort if you are willing. I can work on images in production if you would like something to be a little different (face blurred some, backgrounds changed, colors, etc). We just want to engage people enough that they pause and want to learn a little about you. The image is our tool to do that.

If you have an updated resumé/cv that you’d like me to use, upload here. I will redact it for you no need to worry about doing that. Just a quick note – if you happen to mention the words “expert,” “specialist,” or “specializing” anywhere in your cv, it might raise some concerns from defense attorneys about your credibility to provide an opinion, unless you’re board certified. Trust me they find a reason to argue against everyone, we are just challenging them to get more creative. So, you may want to choose different phrasing when talking about areas of study or emphasis (unless that’s the official name of your studies, naturally). If you want to upload your new file, feel free to do so here, but if not, no worries, I’ll use the one on file. Thanks!