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Our consultants are experienced in fields of advocacy, legal, and veterinary care. Each consultant meets strict guidelines and vetting procedures. Their exceptional stewardship in their fields are making a positive impact to mitigate a minority of bad actor veterinarians to mitigate the frequency of veterinary negligence and malpractice.

Are you an ethical practitioner who entered your profession because of a profound love for companion animals? We are seeing more and more veterinarians compose Certificates of Merit, speaking out against their bad actor colleagues who choose to commit fraud by falsifying medical records. More and more attorneys are also choosing to add this practice area because they are seeing a vast improvement in the landscape for companion animal justice and want to be an early participant in the movement. Whatever your area of knowledge, we appreciate your interest in our movement. You can start the process with a simple email.

In the practice of veterinary medicine, sometimes things go wrong…

As a practicing veterinarian, I know that none of us are perfect. I joined Veterinary Malpractice Consultants as a reviewer with the goal of carefully considering the cases prevented and being an advocate for whichever party requires it. Most often, it is defending a doctor that did all that was possible in the circumstances and is not at fault for the pet’s demise and helping a grieving owner understand it. Sometimes, it is finding that there was a mistake or oversight, that could have just as easily happened to me, but with inadequate communication gives an air of deceitfulness. Sometimes there is gross negligence or substandard care that should be called out in order to initiate change and help compensate the owner for their loss… See the complete letter HERE.

Dr. Angel Brothers, DVM

VMC Veterinary Consultant

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  • We refer clients to you.
  • Our consultants set their own rates. 
  • We have over 40 animal law firms in the US and Canada.
  • Most of our legal team charge hourly or a blend of a lower hourly rate plus contingency arrangement.

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